Electronic 24-hour Security
Electronic 24-hour Security

Electronic 24-hour Security

How is the connection established?

The alarm is connected to the electronic security provider via the telephone line or wirelessly via a special GPRS device with a sim card.

Can I connect regardless of what kind of alarm I have?

The answer is "yes", as long as you contact a modern Alarm Signal Reception Center which has the technology and infrastructure to serve every communication protocol.

When will I be notified?

If there is a danger (violation, interruption of communication, fire, silent alarm etc.), the Authorities and any telephone numbers of your choice will be notified.

How will I know which part of my premises was violated

For each activation of the siren your get notified about which parts of your premises were violated and in what order, and whether restoration is in progress (in case of a minor failure or operating error).

What if the power goes out?

In the event of a power outage, you can be notified immediately (useful for areas with refrigerators, nursing equipment etc.)

If I am threatened, is there a solution?

In case you get threatened, you can send a silent alarm with a wireless button to notify the authorities immediately.

What if my alarm malfunctions?

Proper functioning of the alarm is checked once every 24 hours using wired connections, and you receive a communication failure SMS if there is a problem. For wireless GPRS connections, communication is checked every 3 minutes, and you will receive an immediate telephone notification and/or SMS.

Will I have an alarm if my phone wires are cut?

Even if your phone wires are cut with a GPRS device, the alarm signal goes to the Alarm Signal Reception Center wirelessly via global sim.

How can I check whether the alarm is armed/disarmed in time by users I have authorized (assistant staff, children, guests etc.)?

You can check the schedule of your staff or those moving inside your home, if you choose to be informed by phone or SMS about violations of users’ schedule.

I have put cameras, who controls them?

If you wish, if CCTV is installed, operators of the Alarm Signal Reception Center can monitor the area on-line, only at the moment of the alarm.

Can I arm/disarm the alarm remotely?

Of course you can, if your system has a GPRS. In that case, we are talking about a "smart alarm" that allows you to remotely control your alarm via a Smart phone.

How can I be updated on the status of my alarm other than by phone?

Only if you are connected to Spartan Security, you can use the ‘My Spartan’ Mobile App and access the status of your system in real-time 24 hours a day, free of charge.
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