Physical Patrol and Immediate Intervention
Physical Patrol and Immediate Intervention

Physical Patrol and Immediate Intervention

Is my area (in the center of Athens) covered?

Usually, in the heart of large urban centers it is difficult to provide patrol services because inspecting a block of flats is a complex matter, and a patrol with a vehicle is not enough to inspect the premises. However, if these premises are stores, detached houses, museums, embassies etc. that have controlled access points with the possibility of visual contact, the Center is not a problem. In this case, in addition to manned vehicles, pedestrian or motorcycle patrols may be offered. .

If the security area I’m interested in is in a regional area of a city, can I still access the service?

Of course, as long as you contact us for a complete proposal.

Which areas outside the city are covered?

Spartan Security has an efficient, robust and well-organized network of staff and vehicles, which provides excellent support in inaccessible areas, even in the most remote part of the country.

How much does the service cost?

The cost depends on the geographical department, or the area served, as well as the working hours of the service.

What is the response time of Immediate Intervention?

Depending on the location of the guarded area, specific statistics are provided for response times per case.

How often do patrols take place? Is it at regular intervals?

Again, this depends on the area to be covered. A common frequency is 3-6 times per shift. Patrol in the area is carried out at different times each time in order to maintain an element of surprise.

What exactly do the guards check?

They inspect the surrounding area (balconies, entrances, courtyards etc.), suspicious movement of people or vehicles, as well as possible violations. In addition, they look out for any damage from weather events, accidents, sabotage or vandalism and inform the authorities. They generally intervene and check for anything unusual, so we make sure there is a stable surveillance team per area.

Do the guards carry weapons? Do they have any certification? What equipment do they have?

Absolutely not! Guards do not carry weapons, as this is explicitly prohibited by Greek law. Security personnel are certified with a special security license by the Hellenic Police and wear recognized uniforms. Patrol vehicles have the most modern technological equipment needed to meet the needs of the service.

How can I know and control whether the patrol is really being carried out properly??

Spartan Security has modern location devices in the customer's area, where the route of the patrol car is registered and certified

In case of burglary, what service do guards provide?

The guards, in collaboration with the Alarm Signal Reception Center of Spartan Security,initially inform the Hellenic Police. Then, they are trained and have a way with dealing with the would-be burglars until the police arrive while remaining in the area for as long as necessary until the event ends. Finally, they provide help where and when needed by the family or the customer’s staff. In any case, our guards are at your disposal so that you get to know them personally before they start their duties and inform them about your concerns regarding your safety.

In order to access this service, do I need a connection with a 24-hour center?

A prerequisite for providing immediate intervention and patrol service is the existence of an alarm system and connection with the 24-hour center of Spartan Security so that the vehicle route and security system are constantly checked, and there is communication with the guards for a fast and efficient operation by the control center.

If the area I'm interested in has some difficulties, can it still be covered?

Local security staff are on continuous training and have excellent knowledge of the areas they cover. Your property is safe wherever it is and whatever its particularity.
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