Static Guarding
Static Guarding

Static Guarding

What is static guarding?

This is the maximum type of security for your premises, as trained guards ensure protection, access control, surveillance of security systems, provide assistance and react immediately in case of emergency.

What times does static guarding take place?

This depends on the premises and the need for constant guarding of its key points. Static guarding can be carried out on a 24-hour or hourly basis, depending on the case.

What exactly do guards provide?

Guards monitor or check the premises indicated to them, taking care to prevent potential danger. For example, they check every access point of a building (doors, windows, parking, yards, fences etc.) and, depending on the case, check those entering it or any cars entering the area.

In short, what are the services provided by static security?

Depending on the specific needs of each customer, static security provides: physical home security, professional facility surveillance, all kinds of VIP escorts and physical event security.

What are the most common activities of a guard?

Generally, a guard's main concern is to monitor and observe people and behaviors and/or building, in an effort to anticipate and prevent potential danger. In short, he or she ensures the implementation of provided regulations according to customer needs, carries out security checks in the area of supervision, reports any suspicious incident and provides first aid, if necessary. Certainly, a guard’s responsibilities vary but they can never violate Greek law.

If I need emergency guarding for a social event, what is provided?

It is common to require static security services for emergencies such as a wedding, a corporate event or an outdoor party. Guards are able to ensure the perfect holding of a small or large event. Their main concern in these cases is the safety and discreet management of the crowd.

In case my house or store is broken into and needs immediate protection, how quickly can I be served?

Security professionals have and are able to directly coordinate groups of trained guards so that there is readiness and vigilance at all times, security services are provided at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Do the guards carry weapons?

Absolutely not. This would clearly violate Greek law.

What equipment does a guard have?

Spartan security guards have the most modern technological equipment needed on a case-by-case basis to meet any service needs (metal detectors, radio equipment, cell phones, lights, patrol vehicles, bulletproof vests, recognizable uniforms etc.), always depending on security needs.

Can I opt for a guard to not wear a uniform during his or her service?

Of course you can! If you would like a discreet presence in managing the guests of your social event or guarding your professional premises, you can choose the guard’s dress code. In any case, Spartan Security's physical security consultant will guide you before making your final choice, to ensure both security and discretion..

I already have a security system and CCTV, so what more can a guard provide me?

The security guard inspects the proper operation of your security systems, monitors the closed-circuit camera and ensures that any problems are rectified. Of course, the on-site presence of the guard ensures a coordinated and immediate response in the event of a dangerous incident.

Does the staff have any certification?

Security staff are certified with a special Security license by the Hellenic Police..

How do I know if the guard is doing his or her job properly?

Spartan Security has modern methods of supervising the work of guards by experienced security officers. However, if for any reason you want to replace the guard, all you have to do is ask us.

What is the hourly cost for a static security guard?

Security has indeed an hourly cost per guard but the amount of this charge varies depending on whether security is 24-hour, 12-hour or 8-hour, whether it is an emergency or scheduled security, and whether the contract is annual, semi-annual or monthly. The guardian's profile must be included in these charges. If the nature of security requires special qualifications, such as knowledge of foreign languages, technological knowledge for the management of specialized ERP, experience in VIP custody etc., obviously the charge will reflect that. In any case, costs include project training, supervision, coordination, technological equipment, vehicles, uniforms and liability insurance while the responsibility to pay contributions, licenses and any compensation is implied.

If the area that interests me is outside Athens, can you cover me?

Spartan Security has an efficient, robust and well-organized network of staff and vehicles, which provides excellent and rapid support across Greece.
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