Spartan Security to eliminate even the most unpredictable factor that will result in a possible dysfunction of the operations center has adopted as a standing policy the goal of EVERYTHING DOUBLE for a truly uninterrupted 24-hour operation, 365 days a year, first:

Capacity capable of 500,000 subscribers.

5 networks of 30-channel PRI technology telephone lines (a total of 150 phone lines).

2 stand-alone fiber-optic leased Internet networks connected to 2 different providers with BGP technology with automatic transition in case of failure.

256 proprietary IP addresses (CLASSC - RIPENCC) for signal reception over the Internet.

1 fiber internet line 50mbps for daily office functions.

40kWA power generator.

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS 12 KWA.

2 automatic transition 50 Hz switches for uninterruptible power supply.

Biometric Access Control and Closed Circuit Monitoring Systems in its Building Facilities.

Virtual servers receivers via internet/gprs for unlimited number of subscribers EBS Global IoT GPRS-OSM, Paradox, Satel, Dual-Path, Sirion, Trikdis, ADESCO GPRS-MQ series, Jablotron, Ajax, CSV-IP, Osm Server, SecureNet , Oh Net Receiver (Cadd-x Network & GPRS), Ultrasync (CADDX CLOUD) with clustering technology.

Contact with us

40, Ag. Anargiron street Koropi, 194 00
17 D. Sechou & Antimachidou street, Athens, 117 43
210 92 32 437

ΓΕΜΗ: 86872902000

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