Spartan Security has advanced security systems and modern mechanical, electronic and telecommunication facilities.

Solving every technical difficulty and defying financial costs, Spartan Security has as its primary concern the use of the latest generation technologies being the first with:

  • 2 Surgard System III state-of-the-art signal reception consoles that support a total of 48 concurrent calls connected to PRI circuits for faster alarm systems communication and full flexibility to ensure Business Continuity of telephony, which was the main problem of Signal Reception Centers. (Spartan Security is proven to be the first S.R.C. in Europe to achieve this)
  • 1 Surgard System III signal reception console for connecting Dsc, Bentel systems over the Internet (IP, GPRS).
  • 2 Enigma II DR81000 signal reception consoles (via telephone and network)
  • Virtual signal reception servers via internet for unlimited subscribers (Global M2M, Paradox, Satel, Dual-Path, Sirion, Trikdis, Jablotron, Ajax, CSV-IP,Osm Server, SecureNet , Oh Net Receiver (Cadd-x on line connection & GPRS), Ultrasync (CADDX CLOUD), 3 Surgard System III) with clustering technology.
  • Cisco's latest technology network equipment (routers, switches, access points), connected by network redundancy techniques, for smooth operation in the event of hardware failure.
  • 8 Servers in total (Dell, HP) with virtualization clustering technology to maximizing the safekeeping of Business Continuity.
  • Proprietary Datacenter on the internal network with NETAPP redundant storages to eliminate the possibility of data corruption or loss.
  • Back-up signal receivers for immediate operation in case of hardware failure.

Contact with us

40, Ag. Anargiron street Koropi, 194 00
17 D. Sechou & Antimachidou street, Athens, 117 43
210 92 32 437

ΓΕΜΗ: 86872902000

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