Patrol & Immediate Intervention Service

During the night, patrolling guards carry out patrols, checking every point of the premises, carrying out regular on-site perimeter checks, while intervening immediately in the event of an alarm notification from the 24-hour Signal Receiving Center, i.e. a possible breach of the premises.

Immediate Intervention Service

If an alarm signal is received, but also in individual cases when the owner sends out a special request to Spartan Security to perform an emergency security check at a certain time of the night (e.g. strange noises, unusual movement outside, etc.), an Immediate Intervention Service is dispatched with specially equipped vehicles and trained personnel.

For the activation of this service, the site must be connected to the Signal Receiving Center.

Static Guarding Services

With this service, there is complete, thorough and constant control of all guarded areas under the responsibility of each guard, not only in cases of threat, but also for the ongoing assessment of existing means of space protection such as security system, entrances, fencing and fire extinguishing equipment. Thorough inspection of indoor and outdoor spaces is performed by reliable, responsible, trained and experienced staff with legal security license and continuous training in state-of-the-art static guarding procedures in order to successfully respond to the ever-increasing types of risks.

Specialized Guarding Services

Maritime Service

Airport & Aviation Security Service

VIP Service

Security & Patrol Service with specially trained dogs

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